Toddler Puzzles Halloween

Toddler Puzzles Halloween is a Halloween themed matching game that will help your child identify Halloween objects and match shapes. The game includes five puzzles. Your child will match shapes, sizes, and objects. This game includes lots of common Halloween objects like pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, and more.

iPhone Halloween app Toddler Puzzles

These puzzles will remind you of the classic wooden puzzles you played with as a child but with a modern twist. Once your toddler completes each puzzle the objects on the screen move, the words Happy Halloween appear, candy starts falling from the sky and the voices of children cheering starts playing! That is definitely something those old wooden puzzles couldn’t do.  Toddler Puzzles Halloween on the iPhone and iPad are fun and easy for your child to play over and over again.



Toddler Puzzles Halloween App for iPad